Calendar of Upcoming Events


If your are looking for The Huns MC, you will find us at these events and anywhere else we might roam.


DATE                    CHAPTER                        EVENT                                            LOCATION              


January 11            Sierra Vista                Memorial & Benefit                 Mescal Bar & Grill

February 15           Tucson                      Clifford’s Memorial Run          Tucson (Private)

March 16                Tucson                      St. Paddy’s Day Poker Run    Tucson Clubhouse

March 30                Mammoth                  Mile Clean-up                           Corkers/Mammoth

April 12                   San Diego CA           La Maestra Run                       San Diego Harley

April 12                   Safford                      Bear’s Birthday Bash              Duncan, AZ (See Flyer)

May 17                    Sierra Vista               High Stakes Poker Run           Mescal Bar

June 14                  Tucson                       Heat Stroke Drags                   SIR Raceway

July 26                   San Diego CA            Anniversary Party                    San Diego Clubhouse

July 12                   Safford                        Boy’s & Girl’s Club Benefit    JD’s Grill/Thatcher

July 19                   Alamogordo NM         Loot & Pillage                          TBA

July 20                   Mammoth                    Mile Clean-up                          Corkers/Mammoth

Aug.30 to Sept.1   Alamogordo NM        Memorial Run Campout          Open to Public (See Flyer)

September 6          Tucson                       ACMC Meeting                         Tucson Clubhouse

September 31        Mammoth                   Mile Clean-up                           Corkers/Mammoth

October 4               Mammoth                   Hawg Roast                              Rivers Edge Bar, Tucson

October 25             San Diego CA            Charity Run                              San Diego Harley

November 9           Mammoth                   Mile Clean-up                           Corkers/Mammoth

November 15         Tucson                       Steak Fry                                   Clubhouse (See Flyer)

December 7            Alamogordo              Gun Raffle                                 Any member (See Flyer)


       (All events are subject to change without notice)